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More soon. (And deep thoughts on Game of Thrones.)

June 5th, 2015

Hello there, patient readers, clients and friends!

I know its been awhile.  There’s  a lot to share picture-wise, I’ve been an awfully busy girl.  The delay, then?  I’ve been spending my time under the hood, rebuilding the engine so that the instruments of my one-woman-band are equipped to play to the beat of my own drum.  Too much rhetoric in that last sentence?  Why yes!  But alas I am anxious to leave the nuts and bolts of better picture making behind so that I can get back to the blissfully messy work of creating.

Truthfully I’ve been thinking about much more than just software and a new blog format, dreaming up ideas that are harder to sort out and implement than a new workflow.  I know that much of it will grow organically, steady as I go.

(Stay with me here, as this is a pretty big gear shift.  And I am sorry about all the car metaphors.)

So Sam and I watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones last night.  During that final scene I realized that I had been holding my breathe when I attempted to talk to the television (with the intention of saying, “You better keep rowing!) and found that I didn’t have enough air.  The credits started to roll and Sam and I just looked at each other.

“That was so. Fucking. Crazy.”  And I said it pretty much like that.

So we launched into a discussion of what we had just watched and I said that it wasn’t the scene itself or the CGI that made it so crazy.  The crazy part is that 96% of what had happened over 5 seasons, the politics of the Realm that is, doesn’t actually matter.  At all.  And whats even crazier is that we’ve known that to be true from Episode 1 and even so, we allowed ourselves to get swept away.

Maybe the whole show is a metaphor for life.   There’s something coming and we know it from Day 1 but living for survival isn’t really living so we toss it to the side.  We grow older and it gets pushed from the side to the back.  The more complex life gets the further back it goes.

Its been raining for days and on the drive to school this morning my son asked, “How can you even drive with those things moving like that right in front of your eyes?”  I wasn’t sure what he was talking about at first because he didn’t have the words “windshield wipers” in his vocabulary.  But it was a timely observation because I feel as though we see what truly matters in our lives in much the same way as we drive through rain, looking right through the perpetual motion of it so that we can move forward.

What I like about photography is that it stops the motion.  It freezes time and lets us hold it somewhere, makes us believe we can organize it somehow, reminds us that we are in control.  If we don’t like what we see we can change it.  But if we love what we see it lets us love it more.

What I’m hoping is to harness some of that motion stopping power.  Life isn’t perfect.  People aren’t perfect and our decisions aren’t always perfect.  In our minds, our bodies and chins and clothes aren’t perfect.  But love is.  Love is the one perfect thing we are all capable of having and knowing and doing.  Loving what matters is all that matters.  And that’s my job as I want to see it.  To show you what it looks like.  Your job is to get in front of the camera.  Which is hard to do in the face of so much imperfection.

Every relationship and family has a story.  My hope is that these stories aren’t quite as…er…epic… as Game of Thrones.  Our ordinary world is anything but dull to me.  So while I’m figuring our how to edit in Lightroom and develop your stories on a new blog, here are few recent photos that are making me rethink magic.  Dragon glass and Valerian steel not included.

3131 219 markely-59 24 32 37 3 37 58 47 2 44 70 37 2 47

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bunnies and blossoms

March 25th, 2015

Hippity, hoppity, Easter’s on its way…

Its our first Easter as residents, rather than guests, of the DC area.  Like every year there will be hyacinth on the dining room table and the garlic in the fresh Polish sausage will overwhelm more delicate aromas coming from my kitchen.  Some things will be the same as they have been for generations.

There will be differences too.  We’re going to miss our Richmond traditions this year.  Egg hunts in historic Church Hill were nothing short of magical. I came close to buying a hat for Monument Ave’s Easter Parade last year and then thought better of it, knowing that I was likely to encounter fewer Southern-belle-hat-wearing-opportunities where we were headed.  Yup, I’m going to miss seersucker… or am I?

But what is spring, symbolically speaking, if not the opportunity to start something brand new?  Is there Easter magic in your backyard or neighborhood waiting to be captured?  A special spring tradition in your family that should be recorded and remembered?  Rope me in….

Even if all this Easter stuff isn’t really your thing, the cherry blossoms are right behind the bunny with a peak expected between April 11-14th.  Ready for spring in DC?  If so, give me a holler, I’m game.  As for the pics below, just some food for thought from our Easter archive:

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seasons change

March 18th, 2015


Over the past week my son and I have both slipped on the ice out front and splashed in the creek out back, and so it goes when the outdoor temps toggle between 20 and 70 degrees on any given day.  As long as we’re in the thick of seasonal confusion, I might as well add to it with more pics from fall mini sessions, right?

Scheduled “Family Days” at both Libby and Cherry Hill parks filled up quickly and necessitated an overflow day at each location, a “take two” if you will.  There were also a few mini sessions at alternative locations that shouldn’t be missed.  Mini sessions are quick outdoor bursts of fun and after looking at these again I’m inspired to find new locations and ideas to try once the weather takes its final turn away from the cold.  It always feels like spring is taking its sweet time to arrive after a hard winter but hang in there.  Seasons change, you can count on that.

snyder11 snyder28 snyder24 snyder13 donoso13 donoso26 donoso02paquin09 paquin10 paquin18 paquin20 paquin24 paquin26 collins13 collins08 collins22 collins26 collins31chon10 chon16 chon22 chon18 chon19 chon30 chon33 secrist04 secrist06 secrist09 secrist20 secrist24 secrist32 secrist41joseph10 joseph16 joseph01 joseph04 joseph24 joseph39 joseph40 piper07 piper04 piper12 piper27 piper36 gedamu21 gedamu07 gedamu11 gedamu12 gedamu03

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Welcome, Baby Archie

March 4th, 2015

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To A:  Welcome!!!!  We’re so happy you are here.  We need you, buddy.

To B:  We miss you.  All the time.  Always.

To C:  Congrats, big guy!  We’re so excited that you are a big brother so you can teach him everything you know…. like how to booty shake.

To D&E, our best friends:  You are brave as hell and we love you.

What if you had chosen a different city after Katrina?  What if my Georgetown sweatshirt hadn’t been in the dryer when Erin came to see the apartment?

Who would we be?

The feeling is mutual: meeting you guys ten years ago is one of the best things that ever happened to us as a couple and as a family.

Fate is a mystery, that’s for sure.  No one knows if the planets will align, only that they must all bow to the sun.

29 51

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