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A tale of two coffee table books

August 19th, 2008

While design work is every bit as much a part of our business as shooting, I admit to treating it unfairly when it comes to blog spots.  No more: with a new blog, I am turning over a new leaf (ha, HA… that was an inside joke for you album makers out there).  I’m going to begin photographing books as they come in so you can better understand how a two dimensional design becomes a three dimensional object.

So let’s start with a tale of two recent coffee table books.  Coffee table books are our least traditional album option and certainly our least pretentious one as well, they just seem to say, “I don’t belong on a shelf, how ’bout a coffee table instead?  I promise I can handle all the handling”.  They can indeed handle the love so we hope you will leave them out to be enjoyed worry-free. Printed with archival glossy pages, luscious color and contemporary designs, they deserve to be picked up again and again.  

The natural bend of the binding in coffee table book pages lends a third dimension to panoramic layouts that you just can’t get with traditionally stiff album pages.  This photo I took of Revetta in the limo is one of my favorites from the wedding and while its not bad flat, I love how it really comes to life as a coffee table book layout:

Here are a few of my favorite layouts from Revetta and Jamie’s book, I included some details too so that you can get a sense of the book itself:

Another cool feature of coffee table books is the protective dust jacket that is printed to match the hard bound cover as you can see here:

Here are a few of my favorite layouts from Chantel and John’s coffee table book.  I included a photo of Chantel’s favorite layout, it demonstrates how the divide between the left and right page, which can appear quite harsh in a 2-D layout, melts right into the seam of the book.  Ah, so many nice things about coffee table books…

Be on the lookout for more book designs soon…

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Oh ya, a NEW blog!

August 18th, 2008

In my haste and excitement to post new work I may have glossed right over the fact that we have a brand NEW blog!  We’re now able to post bigger, badder images (and by bad I mean good) and we hope it will be easier to find what you are looking for through category searches and functioning archives (finally).   We’ll be adding some fun features as we work to complete the website so stay tuned to the “about us” tab above. We’ll be wrapping up construction by the end of the month, we thank you for your patience as we continue to build and modify live.

Got a favorite post from the old blog you still wish to revisit?  Never fear, the blog is still accessible here.  Or, just click on the tab labeled “Ye Ol’ Blog” above.  We still have love for the old blog so it won’t be going anywhere.

Enjoy and feel free to drop us a line to tell us what you think!  Commenting should be easier from here on out too so don’t forget to share your thoughts.  Peace…

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Erin and Chris’ Wedding on August 9, 2008

August 15th, 2008

Erin and Chris’ wedding brought us back to Colonial Williamsburg.  I met up with the gals at the Williamburg Lodge where Erin was getting ready and I couldn’t help but see the process as a sequence of sequences:

The wedding took place at Walnut Hills Baptist Church on Jamestown Road which was lit dramatically for the ceremony:

The reception took place at the Colonial Heritage Clubhouse and the party was live, which is no surprise since it started with a shotgunning contest amongst the groomsmen.  You always hear about races coming to a photo finish so here you go, was it a tie?  Yes, the Olympic spirit has touched us all this week…

Check out the sage and pink details, all of which looked great against the guy’s suits.  I especially liked the white polka dot linens on the table settings, here’s a swatch so you can see more:

Speaking of details, Erin and Chris are rather enthusiastic Carolina Panthers fansso much so that they considered moving their wedding date since it conflicted with a game!  I thought about including these cool cats in the style swatch but for such big fans, it needed to be its own big picture:

It was great to work with Bill of Human Story Films once again and while she was a guest at this wedding for once, its always a pleasure to see Sallie of Williamsburg Weddings and Events. It was also great to meet Casey, one of Erin’s bridesmaids, and her fiance Dub whose wedding we’ll be shooting this September.  The good times just keep rolling…

Here’s a slideshow with our favorites from the day and if you were a guest and would like to be notified by email when all the photos are available for viewing, click here.  Congrats, Erin and Chris!

Oh, and before I forget, here are a few of our favorite shots from Erin’s bridal portrait session in Colonial Williamsburg from a few months back, I have been slacking off on sharing bridal work (bad monkey). Enjoy!

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August 14th, 2008

I’m not sure exactly when the most junior of my junior bridesmaids transformed from a pre-teen into such a gorgeous young woman.  Sam’s cousin Megan came to visit us all the way from Michigan last week along with her mom and friend Lauren.  A rising senior with college ambitions and a ton of talent to fuel her dreams, she asked if we might take a few senior portraits.  With such a gorgeous model, how could we resist?

One of my favorite aspects of the Richmond landscape is the plethora of trains and bridges intersecting the city and our everyday lives.  I love living amidst the transit, I enjoy it as a constant reminder that nothing is permanent and we can go anywhere we want to in life.  Sam and I incorporated the architecture of journeys into the backdrop of Megan’s photos: an accomplished scholar, athlete and creative, we have no doubt that she is going places.  If nothing else, we made sure that something big was always on the horizon, literally. Or at least this is what we told Megan to tell everybody back at home if they asked why we shot in such weird places!

Megan picked up a cute yellow dress for homecoming on this trip and I thought it might be fun to flounce around in her Aunt Dee Dee’s colorful and amazing garden.  Can my girl access her inner supermodel when called upon to do so?  Most definitely!

I know that KT Tundall’s “Suddenly I See” is hardly a new song but then again, your cuz and I are hardly hip. This song just makes me think of you, Megan, so I couldn’t resist… check out this slideshow.

These photos fall short in describing how beautiful you are.  There’s no way a photo can describe your independence, self-assurance, curious spirit or compassion for others.  We can’t wait to see what you do in the next few years and know that you always have the support of your family no matter what.  We hope that your senior year is full of fun memories, keep us in the loop!

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