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Letting Go

September 11th, 2014

Letting go doesn’t always mean saying good-bye.  Sometimes it means saying hello to something hard but also new…


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August 6th, 2014

Back when Jen and Tim were married over five years ago now I was just pregnant enough to start worrying about who I would be as a parent.  And wouldn’t you know what wonderful, wonderful Jen had the nerve to do the day of her own wedding?  She ran up to me, hair done up and full of glee and handed me a beautiful, thoughtful baby gift.  With all she had to do that day, all she had to bring with her and assign and sign she had taken the time to wrap up a beautiful silver spoon and hand it to an emotionally overreactive pregnant woman that she barely knew, all while getting ready for her own wedding.  Predictably, I cried crocodile tears.  And then I cried more of them during their ceremony an hour later.  Thankfully I’m pretty good at shooting through tears.

The next day I remember thinking, that Jen, she’s going to be a good mom.  I don’t have it nearly together enough to do this, I can’t even send my sister a birthday card on time, I really really want to be a more thoughtful and generous and patient and organized person but truthfully I’m just not.  Jen and Tim are going to be good though.  Even on the days when they suck they are still going to be good.

So I smiled pretty big when I got the email that they were expecting.  When I look at these photos with their daughter Adelaide, just over two weeks old here, I see their immense gratitude as well as the peace of mind that has been slow to arrive but is now coming.  Ya, I think they are going to be pretty good at this.  I think they already are because its always who they were.  Its just bigger now.

As for me, my worry back in June of ’09 was probably fair but I turned out all right.  I won’t be publishing any parenting books anytime soon but you know what?  I show up.  I hang in there.  There are parts of me that have changed for the better and T1 diabetes has made me way better at math.  I still can’t get a birthday card out on time to save my life  and I’m always working on all the qualities of being that I hope he will one day grow to don himself.  But in the grand scheme of things?  Its OK.  I’ve got this.















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18 shoots and counting

July 18th, 2014

Its considered a job interview classic: “Where do you see yourself in five years?”  Had Amy and I asked each other that very question while she was carrying Brayden well over fiver years ago, would we have guessed that I would still be coming over on a regular basis, camera slung over my shoulder and with so much newness to capture?  It was Jeff who brought it up, “Did you know this is our 18th shoot?”  I was stunned, I had never even thought to count.  I can’t stop thinking about what a privilege it has been to be such a familiar face around their house, even when the houses changed, all while the faces changed and new faces appeared.  18 shoots and counting.  Now that’s something.

Which leaves you in need of an introduction.  This handsome dude is Weston and he has been the muse of the last five shoots, this is his gorgeous mug at ten months.


So let’s get caught up.  Here are Brayden and Reese with their new baby bro.  I’m already looking forward to a fall shoot when Weston is walking, #19….

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62 29 31 32 34 35 25 42 39

49 58 60

09 20 (1)

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Homeward bound…

July 7th, 2014

Well there’s no starting where I left off!  So instead I will begin where I am and fill in the details of where I’ve been when I can.  Writing seems awkward and new right now and I expect that it will for awhile, I’ve been away from it so long.

The road has taken us to new places.  Our family has moved from Richmond and now officially resides in Northern Virginia, Falls Church at the moment, with a final destination yet to be printed on the boarding pass.  Its been a really interesting way to live because we’re learning what we can live with and what we can live without, what we need versus what we want.  The big lesson is that “where” means much more to us than “what” right now.  We’re trying to get home.

Which brings me here.  This move gives me a chance to start over, reconfigure, redefine my work and identity as a photographer.  I’m trying desperately to put words to whatever it is that happens behind my lens so that I can communicate it to a new audience in a new place.  I don’t have the words just yet but I think you can see their meaning in these photos of Elliott and his family, the same as you can hear the music playing and Donnie howling.  I’m pretty sure its about knowing what matters at the end of the day, about coming home.

004 012 018 027 039 045 048 069 074 077 080 087 088 094 105 106 113 120 124 135 138 141 146149 157 171

























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