Japan or bust… November 18th through December 9th

Seventeen blog posts in 2 weeks?  Holy blogging marathon, Batman.  We’ve definitely had a lot to share and still have two cool engagement shoots to include upon our return in addition to lots of albums.

Speaking of comic books, we’re headed to Japan, the motherland of manga, early tomorrow morning.  Which means I better start packing (note the time on this post and see if you freak out for me).  We’ll have limited access to email while we’re abroad but feel free to write, especially if you are seeking availability information… we’ll be sure to respond if and where we can.  While yes, we are taking a camera and a couple lenses, we may hold off and blog our vacation photos when we get back.  Or, if we see something that’s way too cool to keep to ourselves, we may have to share it from the road.  

I believe our destination is turkeyless but we wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving regardless and look forward to sharing our adventures with you soon!  Until then…

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