Baby Amelia Cate at 8 months

Amelia Cate is just a bigger, more adorable version of the cupie doll she was at three months.  OK, maybe “cupie doll” is the wrong comparison because she’s not the least bit creepy, just a sweet and gorgeous girl.  And besides, she’s sprouting teeth, can sit up and she showed me how well she eats bananas…a lot has changed!  

Most of the pictures are the result of Aimee and Randy trying their best to rouse a smile out of Amelia Cate, who was not in the mood to give them away for free.  Not that I minded, I think her moody pouts are every bit as endearing.  I loved the resulting pictures of a family playing together on an ordinary, rainy Monday afternoon.

I did learn a great lesson in parenting from Aimee and Randy: the value of a sense of humor…

I love this shot… its foreshadows the pre-teenage years when everything your parents do is embarrassing.  We have to enjoy babyhood while it lasts because they can’t avoid our kisses… 

Here’s a slideshow of the session and if you would like to view the online gallery, click here.  Our next shoot isn’t too far off, I think she’ll be crawling soon…

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