Jesse & Jonathan’s Engagement Photos

We started off the session at the house Jesse and Jonathan bought together where we hung out with their best friend, Reese.  Just a year and a half old, Reese is a big slobber ball of energy and love!  Check out some Reese shots:

From there we took a stroll down memory lane, a.k.a Strawberry Street in the Fan where the couple lived when they first moved to Richmond.  We got some very “Richmond” shots on the front porch of Jesse’s old apartment, on Monument Avenue and on the water overlooking the city at Belle Isle.  In addition we hit their favorite take out spot, 8 1/2, for a quick bite to eat.  Located right in between their apartments, it was a favorite spot to meet and grab a sub or pizza.  Thanks to the good folks at 8 1/2 for allowing us to take some pics in the restaurant.

We can’t wait for Jesse and Jonathan’s wedding at beautiful Kings Family Vineyards this May… it will be here before we know it!   Here’s a slideshow and if you would like to view the session online, click here!

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