Baby Maddie Learns to Walk

Maddie celebrated her first birthday in late February and had just started walking the week before our scheduled shoot.  While she’s still wearing some educational scrapes and bruises, I’m glad to have caught her before she was too confident – and swift –  on her feet.  Baby wobbles are pretty sweet.

We took some photos around the house before heading to a general store to pick up some BBQ for a picnic at a local park.  The weather surprised us with warmth and after lunch, Maddie enjoyed testing out her new set of wheels on the hilly grass with a little help from Rorie and Stuart (aka Dad and Mom).  It was a great afternoon…

Maddie is big into giving hugs and high fives.  Now that she can walk, they are even easier to give…

Maddie and her mom making faces in the mirror:

I love the contrast between circles and stripes in this shot…

We tried a standing in the crib shot but Maddie thought we were imposing nap time… no fun!

Here’s a slideshow of the shoot and if you would like to check out the online gallery, click here!

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