Baby Brayden Crawling at 9 months


Finally, we are back!  More accurately, the blog is back… and we’re excited to share our fall season.  Thanks so much for your patience as we learned how to juggle a kid with our cameras!  Of course I will sneak some photos of Fiver in here and there but I want to spend some time focusing on our super awesome clientele.

And speaking of cute kids, check out Baby Brayden back when he was 9 months old.  Brayden was jetting all over the place, showing off his crawling, pulling up and cruising skills for the camera.  Check him out!


I can’t wait for our next shoot to see Brayden the Biped, rumor has it that he has Amy and Jeff running after him 24-7.  Until then, here’s a slideshow of the session and a few more favs!  If you would like to see Brayden’s online gallery, click here.  Stay tuned for more super boy cuteness!









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