Baby Lily’s First Birthday


Last fall I was invited to document Baby Lily’s first birthday party on a beautiful November day.  It was a small family gathering where everyone pitched in to make cupcakes, lunch foods (including Grandpa’s famous mac-n-cheese) and decorations.  I loved how the cupcakes were arranged into caterpillars, begging the question of who was really the hungry one: the caterpillar or me, salivating all over the sugary goodness?

It was the perfect afternoon with one possible glitch: Baby Lily was not about to sully her hands, face and clothing with her cupcake as tradition dictates.  Dan brought her a birthday cupcake after lunch, everyone sang and waited with cameras ready for the moment of messiness and then… nothing.   She stared back at all of us, what were we looking at, anyway?  We tried to initiate project cupcake nose dive again later in the day but she was having none of it.  You gotta love how a baby can happily makes spontaneous and even epic messes throughout the first year only to deny her parents the pleasure of the one mess they are expecting and prepared for: the ceremonious cake face.  Who is in control?  And don’t you forget it…

Here’s a slideshow with my favorites from the day and if you would like to visit Lily’s online gallery, click here.  Emily and Dan, thank you so much for inviting me to be part of such a sweet occasion and hugs to little Lily!













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