Introducing Baby Reece!


On May 17th, Jasper’s family welcomed her baby sister, Amanda Reece.  Sweet Baby Reece was just four weeks old when I took these shots of the family together.


This shot cracks me up.


Don’t let it fool you though, Jasper has a surprisingly positive attitude about her baby sis.  She always calls Reece by her name, she never refers to her as “the baby” or anything else, just “Reece”.  Which is pretty thoughtful, if you ask me.  And she gives quick kisses and hugs, if you can catch her in the act.



Getting into a chair is a little harder than it looks when you are Jasper’s size.  Pretty cute for photos, though!

jasperJasper is all about sharing, I love this shot where she shares one of her favorite story books with her little sister.


Baby Reece is surprisingly expressive for such a wee thing, I love it…



Congratulations to Joy and Reggie on another beautiful little girl!   Here’s a slideshow from the session and if you would like to see the online gallery, click here.





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