Baby Cannon at 6 Months


I was in a horrible mood on the car ride over to Cannon’s house.   I can’t even remember what exactly it was that had me down in the dumps and on the verge of tears as I  jammed CD after CD into the player in search of a tune, anything at all that could pull me out my funk and give me the right frame of mind to have a great shoot with a family I adore.  No dice.  Then I walked in and Cannon gave me a big, gummy grin as he beat his chubby legs against his momma in excitement and poof – just like that – I smiled right back at him from the inside out and the funk was finished.  I have decided that a baby smile might just be the best bad mood remedy on the market.

And Cannon is particularly charming, its hard to believe that the tiny little preemie I took photos of when he was 4 weeks old has grown into such a rolly-poly little boy.

Even though Cannon is only 6 months old, he’s already dodging kisses like he’s embarrassed…  You start stealing your kisses from baby boys early on I think.


We drove around in search of green grass unaffected by the brutal summer heat and though it took awhile to find the right spot, Cannon seemed to enjoy exploring grass and dirt like a wee boy should.




We had to play up all Cannon’s cowboy gear.   His cowboy hat is a little big for him still but it was too adorable to pass up, especially while sporting a diaper.




Here’s a slideshow of the shoot, it was a lot of fun for me, and here’s the online gallery too.  And I had to put these up on FB, of course.  Thank you, Cannon, for making my day!










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